GIS (Geographic Information Systems)


D3 Survey and Mapping’s GIS team has broad private and public sector experience. Whether analyzing a single parcel, a state, or the entire nation, we provide practical solutions at any scale. At D3, GIS is so much more than a mapping tool. It forms the core of data gathering, management, and analysis.


Strategic Analysis

We review sites for factors that could make or break a project. The data helps the project team to evaluate all the factors on the route. From planning through post-construction monitoring, GIS tools provide technical information that ensures our client’s decisions are well founded. Coupled with D3’s survey talent, SharePoint information management system and our CAD capabilities, we provided our clients with comprehensive information for planning and managing projects. The team at D3 understands the needs of a multi-disciplined project and provides meaningful analysis to support every phase.


GIS Services – Team and Technology

D3’s GIS team consists of technicians, specialists, and engineers with over 30 years of cumulative experience. Their combined knowledge facilitates our multi-disciplinary approach to a project. This experience helps to identify the critical path of information and methods for each type of project such as desktop siting and integrating field data, such as photos and notes, through GPS equipment.


Real time information collaboration is the core of our approach. Using proprietary developments of Microsoft SharePoint and Lync communication technologies, we keep our teams well informed and on track.


D3 Survey and Mapping technologies keep us competitive in a dynamic world. We are constantly upgrading, researching, and innovating so that we always have what our clients’ need to reach their goals.


SharePoint GIS

Our latest development includes the management of GIS Data using our proprietary SharePoint site design; click the image to get a full view of the capabilities…