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Biography for D3 Survey & Mapping, Inc.

D3 Survey & Mapping is co-owned by David Dunn and Dorothy M. Cowey.


David Dunn has been a registered surveyor since 1995 and is licensed in numerous states. David began his career as a local land surveyor and operated a successful regional surveying business, Dunn Surveying, Inc., in the state of Mississippi for five years.

In 2000, David Dunn and Dunn Surveying, Inc. began to expand its survey business to include utility work and, in doing so, discovered that he and his staff had a strong aptitude and penchant for pipeline surveying. In 2004, Dunn Surveying, Inc. was awarded its first large cross- country pipeline project. Since that time, Dunn Surveying, Inc. has been continuously and exclusively engaged in the pipeline survey business.

In the past ten years, Dunn Surveying, Inc. has performed survey services including: feasibility study, route selection, and preliminary survey, production of certified plats, alignments, pre-construction staking, and as-built survey services on many major cross- country pipeline projects.


Dorothy M. Cowey has been engaged in the pipeline right-of-way industry since 1981. In 1999, Dorothy formed Landmark Field Services, Inc. Landmark has been engaged in the right-of-way industry since its inception and has enjoyed continuous growth and considerable success in managing large pipeline projects.


David and Dorothy met in 2005 on a sizeable pipeline project and worked numerous subsequent projects together. It became apparent that the two companies, Dunn Surveying, Inc. and Landmark Field Services, Inc., shared common values, work ethic, integrity, and a desire for excellence in their respective industry disciplines, as well as a commitment to meet or exceed every client’s expectations on every project. The working relationship of these two companies on projects was of great benefit to its clients and the projects.


In 2014, David Dunn, Dunn Surveying, Inc. and Dorothy M. Cowey entered into discussions and joined forces to form D3 Survey & Mapping, Inc., which is now the successor to Dunn Surveying, Inc. David and Dorothy have both owned and operated successful businesses and by the creation of D3 Survey & Mapping, Inc., brings together proven track records, common management styles, and a loyal client base.


D3 Survey & Mapping, Inc. engages numerous RPLS, as well as a full staff of survey supervisors, party chiefs, field surveyors, and draftsmen; all of whom have been with Dunn Survey, Inc. since 2005. Collectively, this group of survey personnel brings over 100 years of experience in the pipeline industry.

Additionally, D3 Survey & Mapping, Inc. has a world-class technology department which allows a client’s project status and deliverables to be available on a web-based site (SharePoint). This site is highly secure and is maintained in the “D3 Survey & Mapping Cloud.”


First Class Service, World Class Technology combined with Decades of Experience.


We are D3 Survey and Mapping, ready to deliver for your next project.


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